FASET Edge Protection Course 

The Edge Protection Course teaches candidates how to install Temporary Edge Protection systems to BS EN 13374 to provide collective protection for those working in areas where there is a risk of a fall. It is not a "turn up and get a ticket". Competence is only proven by assessment, supported by candidate experience. 


From attending our Edge Protection Course, Candidates will have a broad understanding of legislation and standards that have an influence over Edge Protection systems. 
They will be able to explain the differences in Classes A, B and C systems. 
They will understand the Engineers design and be able to identify the specified components and their limitations. 
They will be able to build a system from these components. 


Candidates are given one to one feedback on their performance throughout the day and are provided with a FASET Certificate of Attendance. 
For those with on-site experience, an assessment on the day of training (GSA2) will take place. 
If a pass is achieved, a Blue CSCS Skilled Worker card maybe applied for. Those with Blue CSCS Skilled Worker Safety Net Rigger cards may apply for an endorsement on their card. 
If the GSA2 is not passed, then the candidate needs to gain supervised experience on site before re-applying for another GSA2.* 

Job Functions 

Include; Safety Net Riggers, Roofers, Height Safety Contractors, Scaffolders, Steel Erectors and Frame Builders. 


Edge Protection Courses are normally delivered at our centre in Buckinghamshire, on site or clients premises. All require “classroom” facilities and a practical area where skills can be taught. We will advise on the suitability of “away from centre” venues. 


Introduction & Objectives 
Legislation & Standards 
How edge protection works 
Planning & RAMS 
Safe Working with others 
Manual Handling 
Drawings & information 
Attaching to the building 
Practical (erecting employers system) 

Candidate numbers 

Maximum 4/course. 

Candidate Requirements 

Must be physically fit, comfortable at height and be practically minded. 
Must have a MEWP ticket. 


One day training (assessments are considered seperately-see competence*) 


The syllabus requires the practical instruction to be representative of the working environment. Candidates will build systems at ground level AND at height using a MEWP, from information contained within Engineers drawings. Note: These drawings are supplied by the employer. 
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