3 Education & Overseas Development – Safety Nets & TAP Training 

The UK is regarded as a world leader in the knowledge, use and training in fall arrest safety nets, TAP and other work at height systems. 
More countries are looking to the UK model as they recognise the benefits these solutions bring to the workplace. They also recognise the need to carefully create the competent installer through training and assessment programmes. 
3 Education has a wealth of experience of creating markets, systems and training schemes across the world which means that we can help these emerging markets develop efficiently and quickly with a competent workforce. 
Our experience and understanding of the net rigger allows us to help employers and authorities in the selection of suitable individuals for this role. 3 Education is independent of product manufacturers and installers thereby allowing us to offer impartial advice on how best to start a netting business in an emerging market. 
Our instructors are highly skilled at working with candidates where communication is reliant upon translators. We are comfortable adapting to different cultures, regulations and build techniques in territories across the world. Where possible, 3 Education looks to develop relationships in the territory in which we have worked so we can easily maintain remote support. 

Countries we have worked in 

3 Education currently works in/have worked in; Abu Dhabi (UAE) , Australia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Dubai (UAE) , mainland Europe, New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa & Nigeria. 

Overseas Projects - Case Studies 


3 Education were approached by the Vita Project team on a large construction project near Lagos. The client, International Brewery had identified the risks associated with roofing the bottling plant at Gateway Plant and asked Vita to come up with safe systems of work to protect the workers. 
Safety nets were seldom used in Nigeria and Vita, with International Brewery recognised that they provided the safest and productive solution for the new building. It also fitted within the safety culture of International Brewery. Once selected, Vita concluded that safety nets needed to be installed by knowledgeable Riggers. 
3 Education had completed many “overseas” courses which led to the approach from Vita. The unrivalled experience available through 3 Education means that the “wheel doesn’t need to be re-invented” and the training is delivered smoothly and efficiently. An understanding of specific equipment, building types, building methods, local regs and culture and language is as important as the knowledge delivery itself. 
The 3 Educations Trainer Rob Harris was able to start course delivery immediately to maximise learning time for the delegates and client. It was agreed to cover all safety net disciplines, including net repair, net rigging, nets for managers and net rescue. 
The conclusion to the Nigeria training exercise delivered by 3 Education has meant that a new skill has been learnt by local workers. The roofers completed their works at height without incident. The safety of workers on future projects will be enhanced by the growing use of safety nets in Nigeria. 


High Access Solutions, a UK based rope access specialist secured a large contract in Qatar for one of the world cup football stadiums. The work included the installation of 80,000m² of a Tensioned Access Platform system (TAP). The roof was 60m high. This highly specialised access system is used where the use of a MEWP is not practicable. 
TAP comprises 60mm mesh nets, tensioned in situ to the structure with ropes and webbing straps. It allows Operatives to carry out their work by standing upon the TAP system. 
High Access Solutions and their client engaged 3 Education to devise a three headed learning programme that ensured Managers and Operatives understood the way in which the system functioned and therefore maximised the safety of those using it. 
3 Education worked with High Access Solutions to devise the Secondary Back Up system in the event of TAP failure. The solution was a series of running lines and rope grabs to which the Operative connected their harness.  
The ensuing programme required Managers and Operatives to attend the FASET TAP for Managers course. This provided detailed knowledge on the workings and limitations of TAP systems. It included information on access and egress, emergency rescue and repair protocols. 
Operatives were then educated on the Secondary Back Up system which involved theory, ground level system use training, followed by system use at height. Each Operative needed to pass the practical assessment by demonstrating understanding and aptitude before being signed off as fit for system use. 
The final component of the learning programme was a net repair course for selected individuals. This meant that any repairs could be carried out competently and quickly so that the Operative safety was maximised and programme delays minimised. 
The three headed learning programme devised and delivered by 3 Education meant that the project was completed on time with all works carried out by the operatives with no accidents whilst working upon the system. 
3 Education worked on 4 of the new stadiums in Qatar. 

Some more Overseas Projects 

Abu Dhabi (UAE) 


Dubai (UAE) 

Doha (Qatar) 

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