Tensioned Access Platforms

TAP or tensioned access platform nets allow work to be carried out at height where more normal access methods such as MEWP’s, scaffolding or rope access are not possible. 

In simple terms, TAP systems are fabric membranes or netting materials that are stretched tightly between robust structures. This creates a firm working surface from which operatives can carry out their duties.

TAP Systems require computer modelling to create intricate designs to which the installer will work. The difficult areas where TAP systems are used means installation is normally carried out by rope access technicians who work precisely to the design.  

This is made available on site and incorporated in the Handover Pack which also includes system limitations and specific user instructions.. Each system is carefully controlled in terms of post install handover, client pre-use checks, daily checks, permits to work and rescue systems. 

There is no generic installation course available because of the uniqueness of each project and design.

Different installers will also have different techniques to achieve their own TAP system solution.

FASET have written a half day user/manager training course that incorporates the project handover pack. The outcome of the courses is that those responsible for the safe use of the TAP system are fully aware of the way the system works, its limitations, the inspection and rescue protocols.