FASET Safety Net Repair Course

This one day course provides knowledge on how to repair knotless safety nets in line with FASET guidance. For many years this has been the domain of manufacturers where similar, yet different techniques made it difficult for net owners to identify one approved method to repair their own nets. Manufacturers training has focussed on the method of repair and not dealt with wider issues such as net examination, types and causes of damage, fleet management and record keeping.The FASET course addresses these topics. FASET have agreed with all manufacturers operating in the UK on one standard repair and this is what 3 Education teach.


Candidates will be able to understand how safety nets work and their typical applications. They will be able to put together and operate a net maintenance programme, identify damage and carry out permanent repairs correctly.


Each repair element is taught by the instructor; Single Cord, Patch, Selvedge & Border Rope Splice.

Candidates will be assessed during the practical session to allow the instructor to confirm competence.

Both needle and the “hog ring gun” are used.

Candidates receive a 5 year certificate to confirm both attendance and competence.

Job Functions

Include; Yard Men/Warehouse Workers, Supervisors and Managers.

This course is NOT designed for Safety Net Riggers to carry out repairs on site. It is NOT a train to train course.


Courses are normally* delivered at our centre with our own equipment.

Clients may wish to bring their own material for repair.

*On clients sites by agreement.


  • Legislation & Standards
  • Parts of a safety net and the way it works
  • Typical causes & results of damage
  • Tagging and Logging in line with standards
  • Test, Practical Tuition
  • Assessment and Feedback

Candidate numbers

Maximum 4/course.

Candidate Requirements

Must be physically fit and be practically minded.


One day.

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