Rob Harris

About 3 Education

3 Education was established by Rob Harris who is an experienced individual in work at height instruction and assessment; particularly in man safe safety nets. He is a founding Director of FASET and chair of the training committee. Over 8000 candidates across the world have attended courses run by Rob. More >


Our courses

3 Education was created to design and deliver learning programmes-primarily in safe work at height; including Safety Nets, Access Towers and Temporary Edge Protection . Our business is teaching and assessing-we don’t supply product or install so we are truly independent. More >


Safety Nets for Managers Course

By the end of the course, candidates will know how to plan for and manage the safe installation of safety nets, understand what to expect from a netting contractor before work starts, identify faults, resultant issues and remedial solutions. More >

work at height


The industry body for man safety nets is FASET. It operates from the UK, although it is rapidly developing globally as the rest of the world looks to the lead taken by the UK. More >